• Easily export any image in DICOM format

  • Light weight, easy to move about using finger grip

  • All new modernized design

  • 6-hour battery life

  • Motorized vertical adjust for sitting or standing

  • Touch screen controls on image capture and review

  • Image zoom in real-time

  • Reinvented optics for high-contrast, high-resolution imaging

Phoenix ICON

Completely reinvented illumination,
optics, and sensor technology.
Hi-mag, 100 degree field of view, with
illumination throughout the image.

  • Image quality you can see. Lift the cloud from your images with Phoenix Direct Illumination, and reinvented optics and imaging software.

  • Use light intensity and gain controls to capture amazing images while balancing patient comfort.

  • Quickly switch light modules in the hand piece for bright field imaging and fluorescein angiography.